Halona Beach Cove

Experience Halona Beach Cove, Oahu’s hidden gem with turquoise waters, “Eternity Beach” fame, and rich history. Ideal summer visit!

Halona Beach Cove is a Beach located in the city of Honolulu on Oahu, Hawaii
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Things to Know About Halona Beach Cove

  • Overview: Halona Beach Cove, nestled in Honolulu on Oahu, Hawaii, is a hidden gem boasting a small, picturesque sandy cove. Known for its stunning scenery and famous movie scene, this attraction is a must-visit for those seeking a unique Hawaiian experience.
  • Highlights: The Cove’s claim to fame is its appearance in the 1953 movie “From Here to Eternity,” where it served as the backdrop for a romantic scene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. This connection has earned it the nickname “Eternity Beach.”
  • Activities: Visitors to Halona Beach Cove can enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters when conditions are calm, as well as exploring the surrounding rocky cliffs and taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean.
  • Information: There are no set opening hours or entrance fees for Halona Beach Cove, but it’s recommended to visit during daylight hours for safety reasons. The best time to visit is during the summer months when the water is calmer and more suitable for swimming.
  • History & Significance: Halona Beach Cove’s history extends beyond its Hollywood connection. The rocky point to the west of the cove, known as Bamboo Ridge, has been a popular local fishing spot since the 1920s, named after the bamboo fishing poles once used by fishermen along the cliff’s edge.
  • Tips & Insights: To enhance your visit to Halona Beach Cove, remember to wear sturdy shoes for the hike down the slippery, steep, and sharp rocks to the cove. Additionally, always exercise caution when swimming, as strong currents can be present, and there are no lifeguards on duty. For parking, use the free parking available at the nearby Halona Blowhole lookout point.

Getting to the Beach


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