Polihale Beach

Escape to Kauai’s secluded Polihale Beach, where pristine white sands meet the dramatic Na Pali Coast cliffs. Enjoy sunbathing, surfing, and unforgettable sunsets.

Polihale Beach is a Beach located in the city of Kekaha on Kauai, Hawaii
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Things to Know About Polihale Beach

  • Overview: Polihale Beach, located in Kekaha on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, is a breathtaking and secluded beach that offers a unique escape from the typical tourist spots. With its pristine white sands and stunning sunsets, it’s a must-see for visitors seeking a serene and memorable experience.
  • Highlights: The main highlight of Polihale Beach is its remote location and the dramatic backdrop of the Na Pali Coast cliffs. The beach stretches for over 15 miles, making it the longest beach in Hawaii and providing plenty of space to relax and take in the incredible scenery.
  • Activities: Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, beachcombing, and picnicking at Polihale Beach. The waters can be rough, but experienced surfers and bodyboarders may find great waves during the winter months. Hiking to the nearby Polihale State Park also offers stunning views and a chance to explore the surrounding area.
  • Information: Polihale Beach is accessible year-round, but the best time to visit is during the summer months when the weather is more predictable. There are no entrance fees, but be aware that the beach is only accessible by a rough dirt road, so a 4WD vehicle is recommended. There are no lifeguards or facilities on the beach, so come prepared with food, water, and any other necessities.
  • History & Significance: Polihale Beach holds cultural significance for Native Hawaiians, as it is believed to be the place where souls depart to the afterlife. The name “Polihale” translates to “House of the Dead” in Hawaiian, and the area has been used for traditional ceremonies and rituals throughout history.
  • Tips & Insights: To make the most of your visit to Polihale Beach, arrive early to secure a good spot and avoid the afternoon heat. Bring plenty of sun protection, as there is little shade on the beach. Finally, remember to respect the cultural significance of the area and leave no trace during your visit, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy this remarkable destination.

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