Best State Parks in Hawaii

Discover Hawaii’s captivating state parks that preserve the islands’ unique environments and promise unforgettable adventures.

Mauna Kea State Park: State Park Attraction in the town of Kamuela on Big Island

Hawaii’s Best State Parks By Island

Discover the diverse state parks on each island, preserving Hawaii’s unique environments and offering myriad adventures.

Hawaii’s Best State Parks

Hawaii’s state parks serve as magnificent gateways to explore the islands’ spectacular natural wonders. These parks protect and preserve the islands’ unique environments, from rugged coastlines, active volcanoes, verdant rainforests, tranquil waterfalls, to arid deserts. In this guide, you’ll discover Hawaii’s most captivating state parks that not only promise adventure but also a deeper appreciation of Hawaii’s natural bounty.

Hawaii’s Essential Information

Dive into Hawaii’s heart with our ‘Essentials’ section, offering knowledge on local culture, history, and environment for an enriched journey.

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