Manawaiopuna (Jurassic Park) Falls

Discover the breathtaking Manawaiopuna Falls, also known as Jurassic Park Falls, in Kauai’s lush Hanapepe Valley. Marvel at its 400-foot drop and cinematic history!

Manawaiopuna (Jurassic Park) Falls is a Waterfall located in the city of Hanapepe on Kauai, Hawaii
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Things to Know About Manawaiopuna (Jurassic Park) Falls

  • Overview: Manawaiopuna Falls, also known as Jurassic Park Falls, is a breathtaking 400-foot waterfall located in the lush Hanapepe Valley on Kauai, Hawaii. This iconic destination, featured in the blockbuster film Jurassic Park, is a must-see for visitors seeking a glimpse of cinematic history and natural beauty.
  • Highlights: The main highlight of Manawaiopuna Falls is its stunning height and secluded location, making it a truly unique and awe-inspiring sight. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and dramatic cliffs, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that sets it apart from other attractions on Kauai.
  • Activities: Visitors can enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour to experience the majestic beauty of Manawaiopuna Falls from above and capture unforgettable aerial photographs. Additionally, guided hikes through the surrounding valley offer an up-close encounter with the waterfall and the opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the area.
  • Information: Manawaiopuna Falls is accessible only by helicopter tour or guided hike, as it is located on private property. Helicopter tours typically operate daily, weather permitting, and prices vary by company. The best time to visit the falls is during the wetter months (November to March) when the waterfall is at its most powerful and the surrounding vegetation is lush.
  • History & Significance: Manawaiopuna Falls gained worldwide fame after its appearance in the 1993 film Jurassic Park, earning it the nickname “Jurassic Park Falls.” The falls have since become a symbol of Kauai’s untouched beauty and a popular destination for film enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  • Tips & Insights: To make the most of your visit to Manawaiopuna Falls, book a helicopter tour or guided hike well in advance, as availability can be limited during peak travel seasons. For the best photographic opportunities, opt for a morning tour when the sunlight illuminates the waterfall and surrounding valley. Lastly, don’t forget to pack a waterproof camera or protective gear for your electronics, as the mist from the falls can be quite intense.

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