Ulupo Heiau

Explore Ulupo Heiau, a sacred Hawaiian temple in Kailua, Oahu, boasting massive stone walls, rich history, and panoramic views.

Ulupo Heiau is a Heritage Site located in the city of Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii
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Things to Know About Ulupo Heiau

  • Overview: Discover the ancient Ulupo Heiau, a sacred temple site nestled in Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii. Located next to Kawainui Regional Park, this historic attraction offers a unique glimpse into Hawaiian culture and history.
  • Highlights: The massive size and impressive stone walls of Ulupo Heiau, measuring up to 30 feet in height and 140 by 180 feet in dimension, set it apart from other temple sites in Oahu. The heiau’s transformation over time from an agricultural temple to one dedicated to war success adds to its intrigue.
  • Activities: Visitors can explore the heiau’s grounds and marvel at its ancient stone architecture, take in the panoramic views of Kailua Bay and Kawai Nui Swamp, or stroll through the surrounding agricultural plantations and fruit tree groves.
  • Information: Ulupo Heiau is open to the public and can be visited at any time. There is no entrance fee, but visitors are encouraged to show respect and stay on designated trails. The best time to visit is during daylight hours for optimal visibility and to avoid disturbing any cultural practices that may be taking place.
  • History & Significance: Ulupo Heiau is believed to have been built in the 12th century and has seen its purpose evolve over the years. Initially used as an agricultural temple, it later became a heiau dedicated to war success. The heiau’s massive construction and the labor required to transport its stones indicate its cultural importance. Today, Ulupo Heiau is listed on the National and Hawaii Registers of Historic Places and remains a sacred site for the Hawaiian people.
  • Tips & Insights: When visiting Ulupo Heiau, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water, as the site can be hot and sunny. Show respect for the site’s cultural significance by not climbing on the stone walls or taking any artifacts. Additionally, consider visiting nearby attractions such as the Kawainui Regional Park or Kailua Beach for a full day of exploration.

Getting to the Heritage Site


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